Friday, 23 October 2009

Hello The Internet.

So,This is the first post I've ever written on here,here I am writing this sat at my desk in work chugging on what must be,my 100th coffee in the last 24 hours!So,bare with me whilst i battle sleep depravation..I'll try to keep it short.

Basically,For the last year,We've been recording our EP,We've hit some snags along the way,but it's been a learning curve to say the least.

Last night myself and mike finally left James' place at 3.58am after finishing the final mixes and uploading the mastering copies to a FTP(webnerd term for a window you can drop stuff into)which can only described as being like going on a dinner date with that dude from simply red and chris de burgh.I hate simply red.

We get our final mixes back this evening after the nice man at metropolis mastering(The clash,The killers,The Beatles remasters,The smiths,Genesis,Oasis and led zeppelin to name a few!!Pretty crazy!)So i'll let you know how that goes..I'm pretty excited..

We have some sweet shows coming up( )namely the EP launch which is in the new Sigma!which i went to check out the other day!It's going to be super nice when it's all finished in there.

If you want to buy a ticket send me a mail on

With a ticket you get a copy of our EP and a glass of Champagne on the door and you also get to see three of my favourite welsh bands, The Arteries,Bedford falls and solutions!

This weekend our new myspace will be up and running,with a new song,new snazzy cool dude look and a video.I'll keep you posted on that..
So yeah..I've written more than i thought,I'm off for a I am palpatation city,take your best shot..




P.s The arteries leave for tour in America today,if by any chance you're reading this from the states,go check them out..

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