Tuesday, 27 October 2009

So we meet again Internet!

Just a quick post to say that we have two new songs up on our myspace..we'll be uploading two new songs a week until our EP release party so you can check them out..

Tonight we're playing up in Cardiff Barfly.Someone tells me Frank Turner is playing in Cardiff tonight,but that's ok.I think he sucks anyway.

If anyone is reading this and is stuck for something to do on All Hallows Eve this year..Get in touch,we have a super swell Party/Show planned at our friend Corbin's house.

The Arteries are having a blast on tour in the states,My brother emailed me from North Carolina last night to tell me beer was a dollar.I'm really jealous,especially when i spent all day in A&E!They didn't even have any beer there..!

Anyways..Get in touch about a release show ticket if you havn't already done so,also Halloween if you want to rock out and have a ghoulish good time give me an email.

Oh yeah..My good friend Jason from Washington DC has just finished a short slasher film,we're on the soundtrack..I'll try find the link and post it here..

A great man once said..
"I'll be back...."



Oh check out the EP Artwork..It has changed slightly since,but just to give you the idea..

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