Thursday, 19 November 2009


It's been a while!A few things have been going on to keep me from being a cyber wizard!Such as going back and forth to A&E,taking the mammoth task of learning Piano,Watching 50's B-Movies and getting sick from eating some dodgy curry,But, Alas,I'm back..

So yeah..We've had the 1000 'Scars' Ep's back,They look amazing,I'm super stoked with them!Finally the Sketty democracy is finished!It's taken it's time,but finally it's done!If you want a copy give me an email

The time is almost upon us,Saturday is looming on the horizon,well it's not really Looming,I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone and watching all the bands who are playing..We have a new song to play,A cover and a intro!So,i'm stoked on playing those!

We've been booking some sick xmas shows,Go to and check them out.Come down and slam some mulled wine with me.

On the 5th of December,My good Good friend Jonathon Greenwood is releasing his doublecross full band album.Theres a release party in tommys bar Cardiff!I help Jon out by playing guitar for the live band so come down,The album is great!It's a mix between the lemonheads,Bruce Springsteen and the Draft.

I think thats it for now,Thanks for reading,see you Saturday for the release show. Here's the poster.. Craig Horky rules.

One love,


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